Here's some snippets from my projects. Feel free to use them if you find them helpful.
  • AWI Image Gallery
      AWI Image Gallery A lightweight image gallery class complete with slideshow and animations.
    • requires jQuery (
    • seen on home page
    • zero-config slideshow
    • easy button navigation binding
    • takes as input an array of img src's
  • AWI Mouse Navigator
      AWI Mouse Navigator A lightweight class which moves a background based on mouse offset from center.
    • requires jQuery (
    • seen on portfolio page
    • scroll acceleration based on percentage offset
    • movement bounded by dimensions of container
    • takes as input a CSS selector string corresponding to container

Approved Usage

  • copyright headers unmodified and intact
  • agree to terms of MIT license (included in license.txt)
  • personal or commercial

Prohibited Usage

  • copyright headers modified or deleted
  • disagree with terms of MIT license as outlined in license.txt