Hi, i'm Alex. Here's a little bit more about me and what I do.

I was born on July 28th, 1989 in San Francisco, California. As a kid, my greatest passion was taking apart electronics in hopes of discovering how they worked. Now, only a few years later and still very much a kid at heart, I'm an undergraduate student studying at UC Berkeley's School of Engineering as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. I'm still pursuing the same electrical interests through my studies, but on an exciting new level.

Outside of the realm of electronics, my next greatest passion is design. I've supplemented my high school and undergraduate studies with my own rigor of self taught design courses. Through reading online tutorials and a bit of perseverance I've taught myself ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Photoshop, DreamWeaver and a host of other applications/languages. Of course, it's hard to keep passions seperate, so I'm currently a freelance web and graphic designer. I've put together a number of websites, some for fun, some to help family and friends, and others to help me finance my pursuits.

My last great passion is business. My business ambitions have mirrored my technical development step for step. In many cases, it has been the perfect complement to my technical skills. In sixth grade, after building my first computer, I started an impromptu computer repair operation helping friends and family upgrade their PCs. Although it never matured into an official business, I enjoyed working on electronics and was able to help others with their computer woes. The small amount of money earned was used to further my technical training; I bought online video tutorials and learned Flash, PHP, and MySQL. The maturation of my programming skills due to UC Berkeley’s EECS department and the cultivation of my business abilities through my freelance work have brought the synergy between business and technology to my attention.

I am currently working on my own Internet startup named Bear Startup, which will offer UC Berkeley students the unique ability to: create an individual portfolio that will be searchable by major and skill sets; upload their resume and any supporting digital media; and interface with fellow students to create a group webpage that serves as a public identity for the organization as well as a control center to synchronize group projects. I hope to provide UC Berkeley students with the tools required to consolidate the great diversity of technical talents dispersed in the student body into effective teams, able to realize goals which cannot be accomplished alone.

Bear Startup is just one of the few projects I have been working on which explores the interaction between technology and business. I am also working on TerrShare, a massively multiplayer iPhone application that will transform the world’s terrain into a virtual game board, and GEECSWEAR, a lighthearted online clothing shop whose theme is UC Berkeley’s EECS department.

this website is dedicated to E. Jiang, whose support has been invaluable to me and my endeavours